Stop Thinking Negatively Before It Kills You

You can't stop pondering on your shortcomings.

You failed that exam despite long months of preparation and you think you're not clever enough. This is the third business venture you are trying this year and it's to everybody that it's deadbeat, just like the rest. You think you are not good enough.

You're still single and lonely, despite your best efforts. Nobody asks you why, nobody even approaches you even for friendship. You think you are an outcast. Whenever others succeed, you can't help but compare them with yourself. It seems you've been left behind in the rat race of life.

It's obvious your brain in the guise of rational thinking, wants you to live a miserable life and die young.

Snap out of it!

God is saying, "Come out of such self-defeating thinking, I will keep you in Perfect Peace when your mind is stayed on me." (Isaiah 26:3)

That's what the word of God says. Remember that when you feel that noose of depressive thinking tightening around your neck. You can come out of that state. One of the abilities the creator has given us is the ability to change our emotional states. That's why we have incredibly good actors and actresses even in real life.

No, I'm not about to go 'all rosy' on you and suggest that you commit to a life of unmitigated optimism. Hey, life happens.

Instead, what I would like you to consider is how your mind is a control centre to your body. Little wonder it's a derive of the central nervous system. You must therefore keep the wrong programming away from it, no matter how the enemy tries to get it in.

For as a man thinketh, so is he (Proverbs 23:7)

Think of it this way, when negative thoughts and limiting beliefs are swirling through your dome around the clock, your brain is producing stress hormones and chemicals — cortisol, for example — that literally damage cells, generate inflammation, and compromise the immune system.

Conversely, positive thoughts and perceptions cause the brain to produce pleasure hormones and chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, growth hormone, and oxytocin — the ones that heal.

The brain is the chemist, regulating the health of the cells and thus the body. And only YOU can control the chemicals your brain makes — by the way you think and how you perceive and interpret the world.

Adeyemi Victory

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